Udemy Coupon Basics of PCB Design With KiCad : Open Source EDA Software

Basics of PCB Design With KiCad : Open Source EDA Software

Description :

Content of this PCB Design Course --  Developed using KiCad Open Source PCB Design Software Tool / EDA – Electronic Design Automation Tool . This PCB tool has huge Symbol Library & Footprint Library . KiCad PCB software works on Windows , Linux & MAC O.S.

This Course is designed with basic Content coverage of PCB Design & it is for the purpose of Exploring KiCad PCB Design  software at initial level , with a Simple PCB Design Case study .

Video Content for every stages of PCB Design are explained with Short Video sessions in a simple way for better understanding , even for the Beginners .

- Schematic Design Stage

- PCB Layout Design ( Component Placement Stage )

- PCB Layout Design ( Track Routing Stage )

In this course you will learn about -

Creating Schematic Design

Layout Design for Single Layer PCB

About the Instructor :

Instructor has more than a 22 Years of Design / Training Experience after M.Tech. in Electronics Design & Technology , which includes the Experience in Electronic Circuit Design , Embedded System ,  VLSI -  VHDL & Verilog / System Verilog Programming for Xilinx FPGAs , CPLDs using Xilinx ISE Tool / Xilinx Vivado Tool , PSOC1 using Cypress PSOC Designer & PSOC3 /PSOC4 using Cypress PSOC Creator , Microcontroller Programming for MCS-51 (8051 ) family using Keil uVision 4 , Programming ATMega 16/32/128 using Atmel AVR Studio , Programming Microchip PIC 16/18 using MPLAB , Arduino Programming for Arduino Uno , MSP430 of Texas Instruments with Energia , Raspberry Pi  & Raspbian Linux , Python Programming with Python 3.8 ( IDLE) , Python Thonny , Python Pycharm , Anaconda Navigator - Jupyter Notebook , Spyder Python , Google Colab , Crouzet Millenium 3 for PLC Programming  & also PCB design which includes PCB Softwares such as EasyEDA , Eagle , KiCad 5.1 , Fritzing & Express PCB etc.


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