Udemy Coupon Forex Auto Trade Gold start in 5 minutes

Forex Auto Trade Gold start in 5 minutes

Forex Auto Trade Gold start in 5 minutes!

A trading robot is a program or software that can be used to trade automatically.


  • Can operate 24/7

  • Very fast, precise and consistent in the implementation of trading strategies

  • Free up time for user

  • Can trade automatically without the need for the user to learn and understanding trading

It is specially made for the Forex market and only trades on one pair: XAU/USD

It is designed with sophisticated artificial intelligence that allows it to adapt to market conditions in real time and to fine-tune almost all of its trading operations.


The objective is to generate between 0.5 and 1% per day: this means that until the objective has been reached, the robot will continue to look for opportunities to open new positions provided that they comply with the predetermined logical conditions.

The maximum loss is 3% per day

The robot uses a scalping strategy: opening and closing a position in a short time interval in order to take advantage of small market movements.

The robot uses single-entry techniques: which means that it never opens two operations simultaneously. It therefore does not hedge or martingale. This limits exposure and therefore limits the risk of loss in the event of strong movements.

Transactions are carried out at 24-hour intervals, which means that there is no floating beyond the day or the weekend.

Trading hours: Monday to Friday ( The Forex market is closed on weekends )

Money Management : Approximately 10% per trade (example: 1 lot per open position for $10,000 of capital).

Automatic compound interest: As soon as the robot has accumulated about $100 of winnings, the money management will be adjusted automatically. ( 0.01 extra lot for every $100 of winnings )

Capital 100% available, no return on investment, your profits accumulate to your initial capital and you can make your withdrawals whenever you want. Money management is adjusted according to the funds remaining in your trading account.


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