Udemy Coupon Inesting In Stock Market (Featuring Legendary Investors)

Inesting In Stock Market (Featuring Legendary Investors)

In this course I want you to learn the key concepts of stock market investing.

This course is designed so that it provides the best value for your time that is why we are skipping stuff like ratios. In my opinion, there are much more important concepts that you need to learn before you buy your first stocks.

What will you learn?

  • Can you make money in stocks?

  • Is the stock market risky?

  • Peter Lynch's most important rule

  • The concept of buying a piece of business

  • The concept of value investing

  • How to compute an intrinsic value (DCF analysis)

The good thing is that you don't need any prior knowledge for this course. The course is great for beginners as well as for people with some experience in the stock market.


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