Udemy Coupon Keeping the Om in Mom: Self-Care for Moms

Keeping the Om in Mom: Self-Care for Moms

This is not a parenting course. This is a course for moms who are looking for baby steps toward their own self-development.

This is a course about self-care for moms, and offers some suggestions on that can be achieved. I am a firm believer in the necessity of self-care, in life in general, and especially for moms. As I like to say, the mother ship cannot go down. To prevent this from happening, self-care is the key. The course is broken down in sections that will ultimately lead you to this awareness and understanding: That you absolutely need to take time for you.

This course is most likely suited for relatively new moms who are just emerging from the mom-fog of having young kids. If you're at a point where you are trying to remember bits and pieces of the pre-mom you, this may be for you.

All you require is yourself and your willingness to dig deep and grow as an individual. The course is broken down into 5 sections, each consisting of a series of activities, meant to reconnect you with you. You can take your time with the activities or you can go on a deep dive, it is entirely up to you. My only hope is that you are able to achieve the one and only goal I had in creating this course: A belief in the importance of self-care.


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