Udemy Coupon Learn to draw a David Hockney painting with Paintology

Learn to draw a David Hockney painting with Paintology

Copying a great work of art can help you appreciate the composition of the painting or drawing while at the same expanding your skillsets.

In this painting of the David Hockney, Santa Monica Boulevard, 1970 we use the free Paintology drawing app to make a comparable drawing. The task is made easy using the traced mode of drawing of the Paintology app which is clearly shown step by step in the videos.

You can make similar drawings with other works of art including Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Picasso, da Vinci and more. Having developed some of the essential skills using this method, you can use the Paintology app to do your own creative artworks.

To help with your journey to drawing on your phones or tablets, try many of the video tutorial that come with the app and post to the community to share with thousands of other paintology users.

Try also many of the other Udemy courses with Paintology, just search for paintology in the search box.

Hope to see you soon in one of my courses!


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