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Parenting Spiritual Children

One of the ways to parent spiritual children is to teach them how to have a personal, intimate relationship with their Creator and how to be aware of Him and to have conversations with Him throughout their day.  A conversation has two parts to it - a talking part and a listening part.  This course will help parents, grandparents and children's ministry leaders and mentors to teach children how to listen and hear from God.  We will teach you how to discover all the different ways God shares His thoughts with you and with your children. 

We will teach you how to teach your children how to hear from God as His friends - this will help your children grow in their friendship with Jesus and this will help them realise their true identity.

You will learn how to teach your children how to hear from God for other people.  In other words, your children will learn to prophesy, which is to encourage, comfort and strengthen others in love. This will develop a culture of serving one another in your own home as well as others outside your home.  It will also help your children see others from their Heavenly Father's perspective.

Finally, we will give you some tools you can give your children around healing of patterns of negative thoughts and feelings which are linked to past, harmful experiences. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children as they will have a tool to help them manage their own mental health.


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